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Specialist maintenance staff on Scenic Cableway Specialist maintenance staff on Scenic Cableway
28 Aug 2019

Day Job with a View

Harnessed 216 metres above the ground on the world-famous Scenic Cableway, Scenic World engineers spent the early hours of the morning testing the track rope cables that support the six and a half tonne car.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is carried out annually on both the Cableway and the Scenic Skyway with a Magnograph II machine interrogating the structural integrity of the cables.

The Magnograph machine uses a strong magnetic field and sensors to assess the inside and outside wires of the cables, testing for any anomalies, corrosion or wear, allowing the major Blue Mountains tourist destination to keep the rides safe for visitors and staff.

Scenic World’s Engineering Manager, Neale Baker, said the testing is just one part of the comprehensive safety program each ride is subject to and requires the onsite engineering team to ride the roof of the Cableway and Skyway managing the Magnograph machine. 

“There’s no room for complacency when you’re dealing with attractions such as the Scenic Skyway, Cableway and Railway,” Neale said. 

“As the Cableway and Skyway move along the track rope cables, our guys are on the roof of the rides monitoring and shifting the Magnograph machine while a technician inside the ride observes the data on a laptop.

“We then analyse the information and if we need to take any action we do it immediately,” he said.

With the machine weighing around 50 kilograms, it fits around each steel cable like a cylinder and is moved manually between the two cables that carry the weight of the cable car (and Skyway).

“This type of maintenance is considered best practice around the world and Scenic World utilises technology that’s first class to give us the best information possible,” Neale said. “The safety of our visitors and that of our staff is fundamental to the success of Scenic World.” 

In its 70 years of continuous operation, Scenic World has maintained an unblemished safety record, maintaining a safe environment for visitors and staff while complying to all industry and legislative standards.

Each Scenic World Cableway track rope cable weighs 12.3 tons, is 670 metres long, 57mm in diameter and is capable of holding 350 tonne, while the track rope cables for the Scenic Skyway each weigh 5.9 tons, are 590 metres long, 42mm in diameter and are capable of holding 189 tonne each.