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Caitlin Hughes

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell

Anastasis, 2017

Anastasis is the final piece in a series of works that have explored my experience of bushfire, the subsequent trauma and regeneration experienced by the environment, community and individuals involved. In October 2013, a severe bushfire destroyed my community, our home and my studio in the Blue Mountains. Since then I have watched the native landscape around me recover slowly with blackened bark remaining as evidence of its past. The built environment has shifted from charred rubble to a newly built suburb. The community which was devastated has remained strong with individuals understanding their own capacity for resilience. The sculptural form is inspired by a slice of a burnt gum tree. One face suggests the age and majesty of the tree. The other reveals its capacity to regenerate and to flourish after adversity. The smalti tesserae (mosaic glass pieces) have been hand-cut and faceted before being placed into tinted mortar and adjusted to capture the changing effects of light on the form. Anastasis is a representation of the strength and resilience of our native environment. 

Smalti, oro and porcelain mosaic over fibreglass, wire and cement substrate.