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Barbara Hamilton

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell

Casuarina Dreaming ll, 2018

This artwork aims to raise awareness of the plight of our endemic black cockatoos in general and Glossy Black Cockatoos in particular. These Blue Mountain residents, like the discarded umbrellas from which they’re constructed, are invisible to the majority of people. Unlike their sulphur-crested cousins, they are not loud, not aggressive and are becoming less numerous due to habitat loss! 

The soundscape of Glossies feeding introduces the listener to the only sounds that announce this secretive cockatoo’s presence, while the mobile installation creates a sense of the birds’ flight. The use of umbrellas further serves to remind the onlooker of the surrounding rainforest environment.

My hope is that this enables the viewer to capture, in some small way, the wonder of seeing these magnificent birds flying through the forest!

Discarded black umbrellas, recycled plastic bottles, netting, MP3 player.