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Deborah Redwood

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell

Chimneys, 2017

The installation is a series of chimneys made from outdated cellulose based projection film (of the coal industry) that glow red to symbolise burning coal and reflect the green rainforest of its origin. All our energy comes from the sun. Coal energy is stored energy of the sun, that has taken millions of years to create, from the compression of dead plants. As it burns it’s converted into carbon dioxide and ash: scattered, useless, high entropy energy. Now, with billions of tons destroyed and uncontrollable underground coal fires, we realise the price we pay for our insatiable hunger for energy: climate change, with certain chaos and possible human extinction. While we race to find clean energy solutions, coal mines reach their peak of production becoming outdated and abandoned.

Steel frame clad with woven documentary film of the coal mining industry