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Mark & Hannah Surtees

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell

Geronimo!, 2018

Geronimo! is a timeless celebration of the humble swing. From our primal beginnings in the trees over 4 million years ago, to the pure joy of letting go, the exhilaration, the wind in our hair and being lost in the moment – this modern day equivalent transcends age and culture and is embedded in the core of our DNA. This sense of freedom, the playfulness and boundless fun in such a simple action gives rise to a primal connection with the surroundings of the forest. To give Geronimo! a more permanent place in our life, add meaning and some artistic elevation, we have made what is normally the stick/seat part from cast bronze, with partial polished areas. The rope is made using the outer shell of a climbing rope with a waterproof, LED rope light inner to give the impression of an illuminated rope. Retaining the look and essence of the stick, the nuances of the bark and knots in the branch, the work is elevated to that of functional sculpture, a subtle and playful work that pulls on the memories both past and present.

Scenic World Major Award

Polyurethane, brass and led rope light.