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Daniel Kojta

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell

Please keep hands in the vehicle at all times, 2014

In a world saturated with imagery, I am as an artist concerned with adding to the stockpile of visual noise that assaults the senses in the general course of our daily lives. This becomes a responsibility when presenting work in the natural landscape. This site, a gallery within an internationally revered rainforest environment, presents further considerations. This is not a white cube, the works will share the natural elements of the forest and stand beside the considered orchestra of living sculptures.

The intention here is to present a work that will stand beside the native forms without competing for attention. Whilst the natural elements of the environment grow, seeking opportunities to face the sun, 'Please keep hands inside the vehicle at all times' will reflect the same light, dispersing the sun in all directions.

The deep black which lines the internal space, contrasting the mirrored outer, will as black holes do, draw attention to the forms' inner, which has, positioned at the base a convex mirror reflecting the eternal emptiness infinitely. The effect of this relationship between light and dark offers the audience the opportunity for interaction within an impossible space.

 'The soul never thinks without an image' - Aristotle


Polished stainless steel, fabric, convex mirror.