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Gary Deirmendjian

Keith Maxwell
Keith Maxwell


Set within a pristine valley of gums, UNDIGESTABLE is an installation of household rubbish (non-organic) salvaged from the streets of Katoomba. It is presented as a dispersion of anthropomorphic sack attachments to tree trunks and branches, throughout a sizable pocket of trees of various scale, at various degrees of proximity and overhang to the boardwalk.

Discarded to the streets and destined for landfill, the salvaged contents include compilations of toys, tools, whitegoods, electronics, home accessories and much more.

In terms of ‘form making’, these shrink-wrapped tree sack elements were inspired by a distant memory of having witnessed a spider (type unknown to me) handling its prey of a moth, which in scale was easily more than three times its own body in volume. With fully outreached legs it held and violently spun the eventually compliant moth along its central axis, as though it were a spindle. This, while wrapping it with what appeared to be a continuous production of webbing in the form of sheet… not string. It then proceeded to attach its now mummified victim to a branch, presumably to be eaten later.

Unlike the moth however, the junk within the sacks here cannot possibly be digested, or at least not without consequence. 

Salvaged household hard rubbish, shrink-wrap.