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Keith Maxwell

New Gnurra 2, 2017

The work is part of a collaborative series of constructions or installations between artists Graham Davis King, Billy Gruner and architect Craig Johnston. These new works titledGnurraby Graham Davis King come in various designs. ‘Humpy’ in colloquial speech have been made by indigenous people for thousands of years providing shelter from cold, wind and rain. They also provide a place for stories to be taught or retold under the night sky. The local ‘Skyworld’ dreaming has its distinct account and tribal beliefs particular to the Blue Mountains regions. Like other star shelters Gnurra’s are important in tracking the movement of stars. The stars likewise represent specific tales, figures and the story of Wantanganura. The emu and orchid spirits. The new Gnurra also had to fulfil its traditional role as temporary dwelling and protection, but above be a real star shelter to continue observing Wantanganura (or skyworld). The new version is made from modern low cost, easy to obtain materials. 

Forested pine, sarking, repurposed fur and mesh.